How is EOS going to Fare in 2018?


The journey of EOS cryptocurrency started in mid-2017 by Dan Larimer, founder, and creator of Bitshares and Steem. Unlike most of the crypto coins, the ICO and token distribution period of EOS ran over a year. EOS aims to be the quickest platform for Dapps and can process over 50,000 confirmations per second. Ethereum successfully overcame the transaction issues of Bitcoin. Moreover, the Bitcoin blockchain does not support the excessive development of Dapps and DAOS. EOS has challenged the Ethereum blockchain by allowing much faster transactions. This will also enable EOS to create more advanced Dapps. This will also lead towards a future of tokenized economy globally.

Will Ethereum lose to EOS?

Since the inception of EOS, it has grabbed the attention of cryptocurrency speculators. Ethereum has already proved its worth as the biggest Dapp platform in the cryptocurrency world. But, the cryptocurrency experts say that EOS and its blockchain have the potential to overtake Ethereum. In fact, the rapid growth of EOS accentuates the prediction.

The Price Predictions

The price of EOS as of 5th March 2018 is approximately $8.25. The cryptocurrency speculators say that the price of EOS by the end of this year may be around $37. The consistent rise in the number of tokens of EOS is what has grabbed the attention of the investors and the reason of the numerous queries of the welfare of EOS in 2018. The ‘soothsayers’ predict that at the end of five years the price will be near about $143. Therefore, the proportion by which the price increases is quite high. This is another reason to invest in EOS.

How is EOS going to Fare in 2018?

Figure 2: EOS Price Chart

Another advantage is that the platform of EOS is scalable. Therefore, the cryptocurrency developers have the flexibility to use the platform to create myriad applications. As parallel executions are possible on the platform of EOS, the company can easily run different decentralized applications at the same time. The multiple decentralized applications created with the help of are expected to attract numerous enterprise level clients. This will lead to a massive increase in the sale of EOS tokens which will have a direct impact on the price of EOS.

The aforementioned features of EOS are the reasons behind the experts’ high expectations. As the companies start to prefer the EOS platform for decentralized applications, the worth of the platform will obviously increase. Thus, the investors should check out the features of EOS and invest in it. Keeping fingers crossed, the cryptocurrency is most likely to gain more popularity with the increase in the use of the platform. As more and more institutions and enterprises are looking forward to the decentralized blockchain-based platform, the future of EOS looks good. The scalability feature of the EOS platform enables the developers to run different applications at the same time. The fact that the transaction speed of the EOS blockchain is up to 50,000 transfers per second is also a plus point. EOS, therefore, may prove to rise above all the Dapp based blockchain companies.